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Our Story

At Lace & Lavender Co., LLC, we are passionate about creating unforgettable events. With a love for events that started at a young age, we have turned our passion into a thriving business. Our goal is to make the event planning process fun, exciting, and stress-free for our clients. From weddings to corporate events, we specialize in bringing people together and exceeding expectations. With our expertise in budget making and budget keeping, we ensure that every event is tailored to our clients' needs while maintaining competitive prices. We are dedicated to finding the best deals and discounts to make your dream event a reality. Contact us today and let's start planning a unique and memorable party that is truly yours.

Bringing Dreams to Life

Our Owner

Jillian Dixon, Wedding Coordinator

Jillian started this company in December 2022 after recognizing the need for affordable and personalized event planning services. After completeing her degree in Hospitality and Special Event Coordination, Jillian jumped head first into the industry and quickly realized something was missing.  With a passion for design and a knack for creating custom pieces, Jillian ensures that every event is unique and tailored to the client's vision. From weddings to corporate events, she has done it all. She has huge goals for the future of this company and can't wait to see who joins us for the journey!


What's the hardest thing about Wedding Panning?

becoming so close with each family and spending such a special day with them only to have to move on soon after. I spend a lot of time getting to know each couple that it feels like I've known them for years. Its just hard to say goodbye. 

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